A Vegan Friendly ‘Eclectic’ Deli

For almost six years, Melt Eclectic Deli of Northside, Cincinnati has been pursuing its mission to serve vegan-friendly, whole unprocessed foods to its steady stream of customers.

This deli is fashioned after its name- with eccentric table settings and artwork. . On colorfully embellished chalkboards, the menu lists more than 20 sandwiches, half a dozen salads, daily soups and a few meal-sized appetizers, made daily from scratch.

“I opened Melt to provide a healthy local eatery for my friends, family and neighborhood,” said owner Lisa Kagen. “While I am pleased that many people enjoy the atmosphere and service as much as the food, my top priority is always the quality and sourcing of the food. “

At Melt, meats are free of drugs and hormones and breads are free of preservatives. The dishes are made in-house without corn syrup, trans fats or processed foods. The owners buy from local markets and vendors, and the boxes they use for carry-out orders are biodegradable or recyclable.

One NKU graduate student calls Melt one of her favorite small businesses, and plans on visiting them for dinner on Small Business Saturday, which is October 11. “When it comes to small businesses, Melt is my favorite,” graduate student, Lauren Stieritz said. “I take friends there all the time, and I’ve never come across anyone who didn’t appreciate the locally grown products, the original menu, and the eccentric décor.”

While you wait for your cooked-to-order meal, you can observe the collection of current art, or converse with the word magnets in the front dining room. In sunny weather, the back patio provides a relaxing atmosphere compared to the eccentric inside dining.

Though you’ll see classic vegan items such as seitan, rinotta, tofu, plus many other vegetables, Melt also appeals to those who eat a meat friendly diet. The menu includes meats like chicken, roast beef, and turkey on their sandwiches.

Melt may be out of the way for a lot of NKU students, but if you’re a fan of fresh, homemade, unique eats, it is a worthwhile trip over to the Northside to experience this eclectic deli.


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